Powertech’s Sola-Tecs range of cleaning systems include compact, motorless cleaners that harness the power of high-pressure water, rolling brushes for ease of use and balanced telescopic lances, to ensure that every solar surface is cleaned immaculately.

Our high-tech solar cleaning services are designed to deliver both aesthetic appeal and increase the performance of solar systems by up to 60% in some commercial installations! 

Soiled solar panels naturally produce less electricity, hampering their efficiency. In industrial or agricultural areas, or for buildings based on busy roads, panels can quickly become dirty and less effective.


Through our specialised high tech cleaning techniques utilising innovative, high-pressure water photovoltaic cleaning systems, we ensure that our customers enjoy maximum return on their solar investments.
Our cleaning systems also offer the perfect tool to keep windows clean, no matter the size of the building.


When your solar panels are dirty, you are effectively losing money as the dirt is blocking the sun and reducing the efficiency of the panels. In addition to this, keeping your panels clean and well maintained will also increase the lifespan of your system.

Solar energy panels can be maintained in any season. In summer, cleaning should be done frequently as the panels tend to accumulate more dust, pollen and dirt. In the winter months, adverse weather conditions can leave a lot of debris on the panels, also reducing the efficiency of the panels.

Solar panels do not need to be cleaned frequently; however, dirt and debris can collect on the surface of your panels over time. To keep your panels working normally, you should clean them every six months to a year.

It is advisable to leave the cleaning of solar panels it to professionals. Solar panels are sometimes high up and can be difficult and dangerous for you to clean. Safety precautions need to be taken, and the right equipment should be used during the cleaning of the panels to ensure that they are washed carefully and not damaged or scratched in any way.

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