Back-up generators have become essential items for businesses and households across South Africa (and Africa). Whether generators are used to make loadshedding more bearable, or to ensure the continuity of a business concern, there’s no doubt that alternative power generation has become a must-have.

From personal to business power generation needs, Powertech has the right generator to solve customers’ needs. With a focus on driving reliable, fit-for-purpose back-up power solutions, our team works closely with clients to determine which generator will be best suited to deliver the right level of power.


When your solar panels are dirty, you are effectively losing money as the dirt is blocking the sun and reducing the efficiency of the panels. In addition to this, keeping your panels clean and well maintained will also increase the lifespan of your system.

A generator should be placed outdoors in a location that will keep the generator protected and prevent exhaust emissions from getting inside your building. As long as it’s close enough to provide power, the exact location isn’t important.

It is important to remember to never run a generator indoors. The exhaust emissions include carbon monoxide, an extremely dangerous toxic gas, that should be kept well away from people.

Commercial generators are tied directly to a propane (liquified petroleum gas) or natural gas line or tank and to the main power supply to your business. There is no manual fueling, extension cords or hassle.

During a power blackout, the automatic transfer switch (ATS) on the generator system senses the change and instantly moves from standby to power mode. When utility power is restored, the ATS reverts back to standby, and power is once again supplied by normal means.

Larger than a portable generator for a home, a commercial generator is permanently installed outside of your business, and is used to keep power on at your business when there are electricity cuts.

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